Left My Laundry Room Cleaner Than He Found It!

Fairfax Station,

He checked the dryer vent and washing machine hoses. He replaced the outdoor vent opening, the duct from the dryer to the vent and two worn hoses on my washing machine. He also vacuumed and cleaned out the dryer vent and body and cleaned behind the washer and dryer. He pulled A LOT of lint and lost items from inside and behind my dryer.
From the first phone call to the completed work, the staff was very friendly and professional. The technician, Andrew, came in and showed me everything he was checking and where things needed to be replaced or cleaned. He showed me inside the dryer and explained how the dirt was causing my dryer to lose efficiency and cost me money. He showed me the outside vent cover and explained how the lint that was clogging it was preventing air flow, thus making the dryer inefficient. He also showed me where my washer hoses were worn and could rupture causing expensive flood damage. He did the work in an efficient manner then showed me everything he had done. He cleaned up the mess and left my laundry room cleaner than he found it.
-Eloise W.