Cleaned Vents After Dryer Failed Due to Clog


Performed as expected

Description of work:
Dryer failed due to a significant vent clog through the attic/roof venting of a upper floor laundry room. Service was prompt and professional. They went on the 3rd story roof and removed an improperly (builder installed) vent hood that contained a screen that trapped dryer lint. The sold and installed a self cleaning vent with a proper flapping discharge. Also installed new reinforced vent off the back of the dryer. Recommended a change in washer supply hoses which, in fact, were overdue for replacement. I chose to replace those myself. Service was excellent. They supplied pictures of all work done and left replaced (clogged) parts for my inspection. They were not inexpensive, but the service was mandatory.
Overall A
Work Completed Date: 02/20/2017
Hire Again: Yes